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A Different Breed of Superstar

That's Game! Sports

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“It’s a rare and special treat to come across a superstar who only cares about winning…”

By Tyrone M. Eddins Jr.

Each year, I like to do a preview of the upcoming NBA free-agency period. However, instead of focusing on all of the possible moves and available names, I usually only focus on the biggest name available. This year’s big domino? Well, that would be none other than the 2018-2019 NBA Finals MVP and NBA Champion, Mr. Kawhi Leonard. So here’s my take on this year’s big NBA Free Agent Move. Enjoy!

- - - -

Kawhi Leonard doesn't care about social media likes. He doesn't care about breaking records and how many fans he has. He also doesn't care what you think if him or if you like him. In fact, when it comes to basketball, Kawhi Leonard doesn't care about much except winning.

In today's age of social media overindulgence, where the biggest stars jockey for validation and seem to thrive on how many likes they can garner. Kawhi is bucking the norm. He is all business, all the time. Even his laugh, which has gone viral and has become a meme favorite, sounds more business-like than an expression of pleasure.


Kawhi is the basketball superstar a mad scientist would create in his lab. Freakishly athletic. Monstrously strong. Absent of feeling or empathy. Unflappable under pressure. Relentless in his pursuit of winning. Drama-free. Impervious to trash talk. Obsessive about his craft. Humble and even allergic to the spotlight, but never afraid of the big shot. He is a fully-loaded, state-of-the-art, cold-blooded killer.

Call him the dynasty killer. The dream destroyer. The end of the road for championship teams that he doesn’t anchor. In 2014, he ended LeBron's Heat's dynasty and he just put an end to the Warrior's three-peat bid in similar cold-blooded fashion. Sure, the Warriors suffered devastating injuries, but that should never diminish what Kawhi and the Raptors accomplished in winning the franchise’s first title. They skipped the talk and instead, just walked the walk.

Kawhi's Leonard comes off as very private and aloof, so unless you are part of his inner circle, you probably have no hope of truly knowing him. But, even as a man of few words, he makes you want to root for him. Just ask the city of Toronto, who swooned at the few words Kawhi offered during Toronto’s championship parade and now seems ready to make him their next Mayor or at least the long-term face of their franchise. Simply put, Kawhi is a winner. No muss, no fuss, just win, win, win no matter what. And when it comes to sports, what else can you ask for? What can be better than that? No need to answer, I’ll answer for you. That’s right. Not a damn thing is better than that.


As we enter the NBA offseason, all of the questions about Kawhi’s health and heart have definitely been answered. Now the only question that remains is what’s next for the league’s most unassuming superstar. Will The Claw take his talents south to the City of Angels to play for the Clippers or for LeBron’s Lakers? Or will Kawhi stay in Toronto and continue to stake his claim as the King in the North? Wherever he chooses to sign, that team will become an instant contender, as evidenced by Toronto winning the championship in Kawhi’s first year.

Personally, I think Kawhi stays in Toronto. Maybe he stays on the a short term “one and one” deal so can opt out in the 2nd year. Maybe he goes long and signs a five-year big money deal. Either way, I think he stays put north of the border and runs it back for a chance at a repeat. Either way, whatever he chooses to do will cause ripples and waves that will be felt throughout the entire NBA. One thing I know for is that we’ll have answers very, very soon. Until then and as always, we, the NBA faithful standby, waiting and watching.  


"Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda!"

Scripted Visions Publishing Group

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Boxing is back at it with corrupt decisions and its failure to make the biggest fights happen when they SHOULD happen.

By Tyrone M. Eddins Jr.

Well, I guess some things never change. As great as the sport of boxing is, that greatness is often overshadowed by the sport's governing bodies who are once again showing complacency, corruption, and an inexcusable inability to make the biggest fights happen in a timely fashion. With big names like Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua leading the charge, the Heavyweight Division was on the verge of returning to past glory. Now, the sport's flagship division is running the risk of falling back into obscurity.

Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder were supposed to deliver us the fight boxing fans have been waiting a long time to see: a heavyweight battle between the two biggest, baddest dogs on the block. A Wilder-Joshua clash would mean a mega-fight, an instant classic reminiscent of Ali-Frazier, Ali-Foreman, Tyson-Holyfield, and Bowe-Holyfield. A fight of this caliber promises plenty of fire works and probably a devastating knockout. If these two Brahma bulls ever lock horns.

With the news that talks for this fight have collapsed, boxing fans are left yet again wondering what could have been…what should have been. Sure, the fight could still happen. In fact, there is talk that it could happen as soon as next February or March, but what’s the old saying? “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!”

Boxing fans are tired of getting fooled, so why would we believe that if it couldn’t happen in 2018, it will happen in 2019? Maybe it will and maybe it won’t, but boxing fans are now in “wait and see” mode. It's like the oddball cop said to Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) in the first Beverly Hills Cop: “We’re not falling for the banana in the tailpipe!”

Simply put, boxing fans are tired of the near-misses and broken promises! We want the best fights to happen while the fighters are in their primes. Instead, we get stall tactics and delays until Father Time has caught up with one or both of the fighters. So, when fights like these finally happen, they end up being a letdown more often than not.

There was the Mayweather-Pacquiao fiasco a few years back. Sure, this fight made a lot of money, but it definitely didn't live up to the hype. Most recently, we had to endure the GGG-Canelo mess. Their first fight was ruined by a horrible draw decision and then, the 2nd fight was tainted by, of all things, tainted meat which caused suspensions and delays.

The GGG-Canelo fights were supposed to be the perfect appetizer for long-awaited Wilder-Joshua throw-down. But now, the main course isn't happening…at least not yet. Both sides are hurling accusations, with Wilder going as far as to post an expletive-laced rant questioning Joshua’s manhood on social media. But fight fans just want the fight to happen sooner, than later…just make the fight!

Wilder is now scheduled to face former champ Tyson Fury in December, while Joshua just beat up on an over-matched Alexander Povetkin. The Wilder-Fury fight isn’t the one we wanted, but I suppose it'll have to do so long as it sets-up to the Wilder-Joshua fight. I fully expect Wilder to walk through Fury and hopefully, fight Joshua next. If the Wilder-Fury fight is all we get, then fans everywhere will be pissed off.

The latest we're hearing on a possible Wilder-Joshua fight is that we could see the two face off at some point in the Spring of 2019. Wilder reportedly offered Joshua a 50/50 split and Joshua will reportedly agree to the split if the upcoming Wilder-Fury fight sells more than a million pay-per-view buys. So now we wait and see if all of the pieces fall into place.

Of course, with both camps arguing about money, it's possible the fight will never happen. Let's hope for the fans' sake, this isn't the case. A friend of mine had a brilliant idea. Make the fight with the agreement that the winner takes the bigger split. I love it! Problem solved…easy and done! Ding and Ding! Let's get it on!

If only it was that easy…


Scripted Visions Publishing Group

What Does Brady’s Suspension Getting Upheld Mean for the Rest of the NFL?

Goodell’s short-sighted thinking will lead to long-term consequences for the entire league!

By Dennis “Crazy Train” Dedrick




Attention all fans of the NFL! NEWSFLASH! NEWSFLASH! This just in: If you’re not a Pat’s fan…………………then you are doing it all wrong…wrong, wrong, wrong! You are as wrong as wrong can be with no hope of ever being right in this world! Ok, so maybe I went too far (I was told I needed to say that even though I don’t agree with it).  So there I said it. Well how about this then: if you are not a Pat’s fan, then you’re a HATER! (I borrowed that one from my two co-hosts, Ty and Delano. It’s their favorite word right after “disrespected”.)  

I know that many of you are hoping beyond all hope that the suspension of Tom “The Great” Brady gets upheld and he’s suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. But hey, have any of you thought about the ramifications??? About how his travesty of justice will affect YOUR team and the rest of the league?  Probably not, so how about we look at this through the eyes of the team I personally hope loses all 16 games this season… the Baltimore Ravens. 

How’s the off-season going for Terrell Suggs, besides the arrest?  Wait, was that dig in poor taste? Did I deliver it too soon?  Oh well, too bad…LOL. “HA-HA,” I say! If Brady’s suspension is upheld then Commissioner Roger Goodell will have the power to suspend any player for any reason for as many games as he wants.  Oh yeah, I here you out there screaming, “Wait, there is an appeal process!!” Yup, there sure the hell is and Goodell can hear that appeal and rule as he sees fit.   Sound familiar does it?  So if Suggs gets suspended 8 games, please don’t get upset and yell “Goodell over-stepped his authority”.  Why is that you say? Because I’ll laugh and say “serves you right, schmucks for siding with the Commish”.   


So, please look deep inside your pitiless souls and figure out why you think Brady should be suspended.  And please don’t just read the headlines and say “they cheated”. Don’t do yourself the injustice of regurgitating that over-used, played-out nonsense. If you don’t know the facts, then do us all a favor and “BE QUIET!”   

And of course, I have to ask this question: hey Green Bay fans why wasn’t Rodgers investigated for overinflating the football? (uh-huh…see…it’s really quiet now…lots and lots of crickets)  Yep, that’s what I thought you’d say.  

So, here’s the moral of this story: be careful what you wish for because it might just come back and bit you square in the a$$!!

That's all for now...So until the next time I feel like ranting...Stay Frosty (that goes for you and your Pilsner glasses!!)

- "Crazy Train out"


Scripted Visions Publishing Group

Canelo’s Apparent Reluctance to Fight GGG Could Ruin His Candidacy as Heir-Apparent to Boxing’s Pound-for-Pound Throne…

By Tyrone Eddins Jr.



There’s an old adage that goes like this: “You can run, but you can’t hide.” This is especially true in the world of combat sports.

Earlier this month, Mexico’s Saul Canelo Alvarez defended his middleweight championship on HBO’s pay-per-view against Britain’s Amir Khan. The result? A short snippet of sweet-science culminating in the 6th round annihilation of Khan. His end was brought about by a devastating overhand right set-up by a left-hand feint. Picture perfect destruction. HBO’s Jim Lampley called Canelo’s knock-out punch “the punch heard around the world.” After the punch landed, sounding like a wrecking ball punching a hole in a condemned building, Khan completely lost control of his limbs and faculties, and crumpled backwards to the ground. Referee Kenny Bayless didn’t bother to attempt the standard ten-count and immediately waved an end to the fight.

Normally, a fight of this magnitude with this type of result would be hailed as a career-defining showcase of technical greatness. But not this fight. This fight went exactly how everyone thought it would. No surprise, but also no satisfaction. Why? Well, for one, ANYONE with an ounce of boxing knowledge knew that a knockout was the most likely outcome of this fight. Khan has long had a suspect chin, having been KO’d more than once in his career. Also, this fight was contested at Canelo’s preferred catch-weight of 155. (Canelo refuses to fight at the 160 lb middleweight limit.) Prior to this fight Khan had never fought above 147. The second reason this fight offered no satisfaction is because it wasn’t the fight that should’ve been fought in the first place. The fight we all should’ve been watching and enjoying is a middleweight championship mega match-up between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. 

These two power-punchers have been on a collision course in recent years; circling each other like two dangerous, but cautious predators in the wild. But to the dismay of fight fans, both men have spent their past few bouts knocking out nobodies and much-smaller foes while talk of a super-fight between the two has continued to heat-up past the boiling point. Well guess what? Sports fans are tired of seeing these two dance around each other outside of the ring. It’s time for them to put fists to head and body inside the ring to settle once and for all who reigns supreme over boxing’s middleweight division. 

GGG was ringside for Canelo-Khan and even came into the ring after the fight. In his post-fight comments Canelo was quoted as saying “Like we say in Mexico, we don’t fuck around, we don’t fight for rings and stuff like that. I don’t fear anyone.” But, when asked by HBO’s Max Kellerman about a fight with GGG later in 2016, Canelo (via his translator) responded by saying “As I said in the last fight, right now I’ll put on the gloves again.”

That answer wasn’t a “no”, but more importantly, it wasn’t a definite yes regarding a fight with GGG. One can even speculate that this was an intentionally ambiguous answer given more for the benefit of a raucous “pro-Canelo” crowd than for setting up the fight that the entire sports-world has been pining to see.

It has been said that Canelo doesn’t want to fight GGG and is even dodging him. Fuel was added to this fire by Canelo’s recent relinquishing of the WBC Middleweight Championship belt after the WBC mandated a fight between Canelo and GGG. 

Now I don’t want to ever say that one man actually fears another man…not without knowing for sure, and definitely not at the elite prizefighter level. But what else are we, as sports fans, supposed to think? Why hasn’t a fight between Canelo and GGG happened yet? Why isn’t it at least scheduled by now? Maybe, just maybe, this is a case of “brand fear?” Maybe the “Canelo Brand” fears the devastating effects a loss to the “GGG Brand” could have as it would potentially derail their efforts to make Canelo the long-term face of boxing. Perhaps in the eyes of the Canelo Brand, the risks outweigh the potential rewards? 

Canelo’s current record stands at 47-1-1. His lone defeat coming at the hands of Floyd “Money” Mayweather. A loss that is considered by many to be a minor blemish because, simply put, everyone loses to Mayweather. And while GGG is also undefeated, a loss to GGG at this point in Canelo’s career could shatter all of the hard-work Golden Boy Promotions has put into their golden ticket by selling Canelo as boxing’s next great champion comparable to past middleweight greats such as Bernard Hopkins, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Jake LaMotta, Carlos Monzon, and of course, Sugar Ray Robinson. 

The situation these two fighters find themselves in isn’t unprecedented. It is very familiar territory. In fact, the Canelo-GGG quandary is very reminiscent of the Leonard-Hagler dance boxing fans saw drag-out during the 80s. And more recently, the Mayweather-Pacquiao circus that boxing fans were forced to endure. Yes, this is a rerun we have all seen before. The problem is that people are tired of the same old picture show and are threatening to turn the channel. Boxing NEEDS this fight to happen from both a sporting and financial point-of-view and it should be fought at the 160 middleweight limit, not at some manufactured catch-weight.

No this isn’t the only fight currently drawing attention, but it is the fight drawing the most attention right now. Sure, the heavyweight division has shown some promise in recent years; but with a clown like Tyson Fury as the reigning champ, that division is threatening to quickly regress into mediocrity. There are other fighters in other divisions who show greatness, but match-ups between those fighters are not quite the marquee matchups that a Canelo-GGG is right now. 

The bottom-line is this: boxing fans, purists and casual fans alike, want to see this fight happen. Now, not later. This fight cannot be another Leonard-Hagler or Mayweather-Pacquiao. Those fights happened, but years after they should have; which disappointed the masses and diminished the possibilities of what the fights could have and should have been. Canelo-GGG needs to happen now, not only for the legacies of both fighters, but also for the good of this sport. A sport that is in desperate need of a relevant mega-fight. 

Canelo Alvarez has a chance at immortality staring him right in his face. In GGG, he has his very own hard-hitting George Foreman blocking his path, his very own nightmarish Marvelous Marvin Hagler lurking in the shadows taunting him. This generation’s Roberto Duran is asking him to come and be the next participant in his “big drama show.” Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions would have us all believe that Canelo Alvarez is the Champ of all Champs.

Now all Canelo has to do is step up and prove it. We all want to see if he can conquer that beast called GGG. But unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Canelo is ready to be a dragon-slayer. One can only hope that I am wrong. 


Scripted Visions Publishing Group

Did the MLB Knowingly Profit From Baseball’s Biggest Shame?

By Dennis “Crazy Train, Dedrick

Let me kick this post off by saying I don’t condone and will never support the use of any performance enhancing drugs in any way, shape or form. So now that we understand each other, let me commence with my latest rant: Ready? You sure? Because it’s a bombshell! Ok, here goes: in my opinion Major League Baseball and its Commissioner Bud Selig KNEW PED’s were being used. That’s right. I say the league knew…the Commish knew… How could they not? And not only did they know, they condoned it long enough to make a profit off of it. Think that is far-fetched? Ok, take a look at the some of the advertising they used during that time.  Remember the commercial “Chicks dig the long ball”?  The one with pitchers Maddox and Glavine of the Atlanta Braves, who were crushing long homeruns during batting practice?  Hmmmm interesting how they would promote and advertise monster home runs to get fans excited and lure them to the park.  Do you remember the epic home run battle between McGuire and Sosa? It was all over every sports page and news outlet, and I’m sure Major League Baseball benefited from it, just a little.  Did attendance rating go up during this time in baseball, where you excited about it?  The Bash Brothers changed how people watched baseball, gone was the time of the hit and run or the bunt, everyone wanted to see the deep shot. For Pete’s sake (this is a little off topic, but I’ve always wondered, who the hell is Pete anyway?), how could so many players all of a sudden start crushing monster shots when the year before they couldn’t hit one with a wiffle ball? Let’s be clear, I am not trying to single out or embarrass anyone, but check out this example: In the 1995 season, Brady Anderson hit 16 homeruns and just one season later, in 1996, he crushed 50 homers, then the following year, he only hit 18. I’m not saying Brady Anderson used PEDs, but that’s an interesting fluctuation, don’t you think? Listen here baseball writers, how could you cover this beloved sport and turn a blind eye to blatant PED use? If you truly covered this sport, but never heard the rumors or had your own suspicions of use, did you really know the sport that you covered? Or if you did know, but didn’t do your job of exposing it, are you almost as guilty?

Here’s the thing: it happened, ok? Proven, suspected or otherwise, it happened. We all know it did. We can’t change or ignore that tragic era of baseball history and pretend it didn’t happen. The same way we can’t change the “Eight Men Out” Chicago White Sox cheating scandal of 1919.  But, we don’t need to put an asterisk by players’ names that are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame from the steroid era.  True fans know and love this game, so they know who’s who and what each player accomplished. To quote the Disney movie phenomenon, Frozen, “Let it Go”. Guys, let’s all just let it go and let the fans have a say.  It’s us the fans that make the sport what it is anyway, which is America’s pastime.     


Scripted Visions Publishing Group


By Delano Burnett

NFL Wide-Receivers have long been regarded as the divas of the NFL. Flamboyant and braggadocios, their immense talent and unique skillset are often matched only by their temperamental attitude and “just get me the ball” mindsets. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jordy Nelson are a few of the game’s elite receivers who seem to be content being quiet and just playing the game. However, they appear to be in the minority with regards to the typical demanding demeanor of the superstar wide-receiver in the NFL.    

 This past off-season produced a couple of attention-grabbing headlines surrounding the contract situations of the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant and the Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas. Both players threatened lengthy hold-outs if their teams did not meet their individual contract demands. It actually became must-see TV at one point. The pundits, on TV, radio, and social media, provided plenty of speculation about the negotiations. But at the end of the day, Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas both got their money. Money that was, in my opinion, well-deserved according to the numbers they both put up over the past couple of years. Last year Dez led the league in touchdowns with 16 TDs and Demaryius was second in total receiving yards with 1,619.  Both have been selected to multiple pro bowl and Thomas played a key role in his team’s recent super bowl bid. Talent-wise, they are both easily ranked in the Top 7 of current NFL wide receivers.      

Dez Bryant is not only a good player but also a leader on the Cowboys. It is easy to see that Dez provides the fire his team needs to perfectly compliment Tony Romo and Jason Witten’s mild-mannered personalities.  Demaryius and Dez both provide excellent targets for both possessions and down the field. As it stands currently, there’s no way the Broncos or Cowboys can win without their star wide-outs. But this leads me to my next question, should teams be built to be so dependent on wide receivers? And can they expect to win the Super bowl this way?      

I recently had an interesting conversation that sparked the idea that the wide receiver position might be slightly overrated in terms of how much they should be paid. The recent trend in the NFL has been the ongoing devaluation of the running back position. As a result, running backs are not paid anywhere near their worth considering how valuable running the ball continues to be in the NFL.  When it comes to being a successful road team, I’ve always heard the term “defense and running the ball travels”, while great passing attacks don’t always travel as well, especially during the playoff grind.  If you look at the last three super bowl winners, only one team had a wide receiver making more than six million dollars; and that was Anquan Boldin when he played for the Ravens.  However, two of the three past super bowl winners did have elite level running backs on their teams in Ray Rice and Marshawn Lynch.

Now, onto the defensive side of the ball.  Seattle and New England were both top ten teams in “points allowed”.  In fact, for the last three years Seattle has led the league in points allowed and coincidentally, they have played in back-to-back Super Bowls the last two seasons. The last great offensive team to win a super bowl was the Green Bay Packers in 2011, which led the league in points scored with 560. Lastly, look at what last year’s Super Bowl winner, the New England Patriots, did with a cast of second-tier wide-receivers.        

Now I don’t want to come off as dismissive of the talent these wide receivers posses and the impact they make on games.  In fact this might be the most talented crop of wide receivers the NFL has ever seen.  I’m not sure if there's even an absolute best wide receiver in the league.  The NFL Network has Calvin Johnson still rated the number one wide receiver even though he was injured this past year and his numbers were the lowest since 2009.  Antonio Brown had the best numbers from last year and as talented and reliable Dez Bryant is, the NFL Network had Julio Jones rated ahead of him. You can make a strong case for any of those four wide receivers I mentioned as being the best in the league.  

There are also a few young wide receivers from the 2014 rookie class who are quickly making a name for themselves.  Everyone knows about Odell Beckham Jr. and the havoc he wreaked on defenses last year. His phenomenal play even earned him this year’s Madden cover, but there were others who put together great seasons as well. Mike Evans put up 1,051 yards and 12 tds, Kelvin Benjamin put up 1008 yards and 9 tds, and Sam Watkins, despite really shaky QB play in Buffalo, put up 982 yards and 6 tds. So like I said, there are a lot of really talented players at that position. Knowing this, I think we have to ask: does plethora of talent at this position also provide additional support to the argument that perhaps wide-receivers are over-paid?        

Obviously, the NFL has changed into more of a passing league with all the rules that have benefited the quarterback and wide receiver; but typically, Super Bowl winning teams are not built around the wide receiver position.


Scripted Visions Publishing Group

- The Truth Uncovered...At Last! -

By Dennis "Crazy Train" Dedrick

Attention all teams that enter Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  It is haunted!!! There are mysterious, phantom creatures that live in the air ducts. Little gremlins that get in your brains and make you play like crap.   Or they enter the visiting locker-room and steal your play sheets, interfere with your headsets and give the feeling you are always being watched.  Not only that, but beware of the line judge that is standing beside your coach on the visitors’ sideline…he might be wearing a microphone…or better yet, maybe he’s not even a NFL referee, he is actually a spy for the Patriots! Better check his credentials!  See, in Patriot-Land, things are not what they appear to be. Every fan in the stadium is watching your sideline, and not the game.  You might have something the Patriots need. Crucial Intel about your team’s supposedly best-kept secrets. You never know. These gremlins? See they are wearing miniature cameras that are feeding the images to a secret control room buried 20 stories beneath the 50 yard line.  And what else can the Patriots use to gain an unfair advantage over your team? Their field is lined with sensors so they know by weight which of your players are on the field and what formation they’re in; therefore they can deduce the play you are about to run. They have to stack the odds in their favor somehow, otherwise, they’d never win, right? They’re not the defending Super Bowl Champions and the best team in the NFL because of talent or ability and just plain old gritty, hardcore football. No, they are only the best because they know what the other team/players are about to do before they do it. Simply put, according to many of you out here, the Patriots have to cheat to win.

According to the tin foil wearing anti-Patriot fans, the mystique of Gillette Stadium and its uncanny and almost impenetrable home-field advantage can be easily explained: The Patriot organization employs unfair and illegal tactics to defeat teams well-beyond the field of fair-play. The truth? Well, that is a different matter all-together. Most teams are beat before they even step on the field at Gillette…helpless victims of the mind-games they play on themselves. Everyone is so paranoid about what they think is going on in Foxborough, but no one can actually confirm anything. The crazy thing is that people actually believe all the unfounded rumors circulating from other visiting players and coaches around the league. But let’s dig a little deeper here. Who actually started all those rumors in the first place? Maybe it was The Patriots?! Maybe they started those stories just to make you, the visiting team, nervous. The Patriots will tell any story to make the other team lose focus on what really matters…it’s called playing the game!

So… what about the headset issues? What do we really think happened here?  Was it the gremlins in the air ducts? The fans that will go to any length to spy for the Patriots?  Maybe it was the double-agent referees? Or…here’s a thought…could it be just plain old, basic science? Could the electrical infrastructure be blamed for the interference??  Nooo…of course not…It could never be that.  No way. It can’t be that simple. Herman Edwards said it best when talking about the headset problems the Steelers experienced last Thursday night playing the Patriots.   If that always happens, why wait until now to say something?  In recent years, the Steelers are 0-4 in Foxborough and you bring up the headset issue now? FOUR losses later???  When asked if it happens elsewhere, Coach Tomlin said “I’m talking about what happened here,”…Why wouldn’t he say if it happens elsewhere?  Because it does!!!!!  Also if you’re not going to file a complaint, then why whine about it?? That’s because it’s the NFL’s fault and not New England’s but that’s not an interesting story so it won’t be talked about or expanded on. It’s also not an interesting story if it happens at any other stadium!! No one cares or will listen then. But why is that? It’s because the Patriots are the most consistent organization in the NFL and everyone is trying to beat them and take their dominance from them. They are the team everyone loves to hate! 

In New England, it is team first and if you step out of line you’re gone.  Ask Randy Moss. Who else would trade one of the best to ever play the wide receiver position in the middle of the season? How is Jonas Gray’s career in New England?  He had a record setting game against the Indianapolis Colts in week 11, made the cover of Sports Illustrated, and became “the guy”.  At least until he overslept and was sent home from practice. After that, he gained only 84 rushing yards and 7 receiving yards the rest of the season, including the post season. He was even inactive for the Super Bowl.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the Super Bowl for a moment.  Did the Patriots cheat their way to the title?  Of course Patriot Hater Nation, says “they sure did, they didn’t even deserve to be there”, they deflated the footballs and cheated their way to victory.  Even though the footballs had air pumped into them at half-time and once that was done the real beat-down started. We all know that the NFL always checks the psi of the footballs at halftime (NOT!) I find it interesting that they decided to do it during this particular game. Was it the Patriots cheating ways that made Pete Carroll call a play that NO ONE thought he should? Who in their right mind would call a pass play on the one yard line instead of handing off to Beast Mode for the win as time was running down?  Of course this was the Patriot’s fault, what else could it have been? It wasn’t that Pete Carroll wanted Russell Wilson to be the MVP instead of Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch.  Nope it was all Patriots, could there possibly be any doubt?  

Let’s fast forward to September 10, 2015, opening night of the 2015 NFL season.  The Patriots cheating ways led them to victory once again Hater Nation, it had nothing to do with the trick play the Steelers tried to run that resulted in Brown getting sacked and ending a promising drive. Let’s not forget the two missed field goals as well. I guess all of the clapping and yelling from the Patriot fans somehow made the wind gust up to 40mph and which made Scobee miss not one, but twice!!!!!  You also can’t forget the interception that Roethlisberger threw, which by the way, was under-thrown. So there it is…it was all Patriots fault! They switched the balls the Steelers were using.  They added weights to the balls so Big Ben couldn’t throw it as far, they knew the play because of those pesky turf sensors.  Come on man get real. 

To all of you San Francisco 49ers fans that go back to the Montana and Young era, how does it feel knowing your rings are tainted?  Didn’t Jerry Rice admit to cheating by continuing using stick-umm after it was banned?  Oh it’s not the Patriots, so it doesn’t count.  Green Bay Packer fans, didn’t Aaron Rodgers admit to overinflating the footballs just last season?  How did that investigation turn out?  Oh wait there wasn’t one! To the New Orleans Saints supporters, since you were caught up in Bountygate scandal, every time you make a hard tackle or a late hit it must be because you have the bounty program up and running again. Since you did it once, you’re a habitual offender and therefore prone to do it again.

Are the four Lombardi Trophies that the Patriots have tainted? Hell no, not in the least! I’ve enjoyed watching Patriot Nation win each and every one of them and I hope we can add to that total this season.

Lastly, how about all of the misinformation that was leaked by the NFL and never corrected? They let the public run with all of the incorrect data and form their own opinion which fit the narrative the NFL wanted in the first place. The Patriots portrayed as cheaters. By the way, how did COMMISSIONER Goodell enjoy the game at Gillette Stadium?  Oh that’s right he couldn’t make the trip to the season-opener because he was busy talking with the NFL lawyers trying to see what other trumped-up charges they can throw at New England. Believe me…I totally get why many of you, fans, coaches, and players, feel the way you do…I get it…no, really I do. See, it’s completely understandable why many of you can’t stand the Patriots…because no matter what team you root for, coach for, or play for, you’ve all been beaten DOWN by Patriot Nation at one point or another. But, hey… don’t sit here and cry in your milk…hollering and screaming foul…How about you try stepping your game up and winning a lil more?


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- Separating the Athlete from the Person- 

By Delano Burnett

It seems like there is a lot of hating going on when it comes to Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  So many people out here spewing pure HATE in the champ’s direction; from your average fans via social media to the media pundits on both TV and radio. The theme is a common one: “Everybody Hates Floyd.” 

Ok, so the fight versus Pacman didn’t provide the action people wanted; but, Mayweather once again showed why he’s the best Boxer in the game today. Hate him or love him, he is the best pure Boxer of this generation hands down. When it comes to people hating on Floyd Mayweather as a person, there are things people need to understand about athletes in general.  
Let’s talk about team sports for a second. Throughout the history of sports there have been a slew of athletes who, on a personal level, weren’t regarded as the best “people”. Everyone from Kobe Bryant, to Lawrence Taylor, to Pete Rose, and list goes on…were not viewed as the best “people” from a moral or character point-of-view. However, they were the best at their respective athletic professions. When it comes to succeeding in sports at a high level, you have to possess a certain confidence and even arrogance that will sometimes bleed over into your day to day interaction with people.

To this day my friends and I still argue among ourselves about whose better at what sport, who can bench the most, etc.  It’s that arrogance, that competitive fire that many people will easily mistake as you being an “a-hole” or a bad person. So if my friends and I are doing this at our minor level of competitive sports, think about a pro athlete who has made it to the pinnacle of their craft. The arrogance of that particular athlete is going to be off the charts! As fans, we have to do a better job of separating the athlete and the person. 

Now think about boxers. As a boxer, you are totally dependent on yourself in that ring, there are no teammates, no real coaches (outside of your trainer and cut-man).  You are literally on your own in the ring going against an opponent who is trying to knock your head clean off.  To be a boxer, you have to be wired a little differently than the average person.  Think about the fights outside of the ring that most boxers probably endured before they even thought about becoming a boxer.  If you grew up fighting and you end up being really good at what you do, there’s going to be an arrogance about you that’s probably abnormal. The thing is, you have to be that way to survive in a sport as brutal as boxing.  

Boxing has produced some very dislikable people, e.g. Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson, George Forman (pre-his “Forman Grill” days) and Bernard Hopkins (pre- his “getting older” days lol). Now, as far as Mayweather’s public image, of course he has brought some of this on himself via his carefully orchestrated marketing persona “Money” as well as his documented run-ins with the law. With public outcry about domestic violence at an all-time high, Mayweather’s past has been brought back into play.  He’s been charged four times with domestic violence, having been convicted and sentenced to serve jail-time once as a result. Of course this is going to bring a lot of deserved hate in his direction, especially from women, which is to be expected.

Also, Mayweather flaunts his wealth any chance he gets and doing this with a lot of Americans suffering through unemployment, is not going to be viewed as a positive in the eyes of the American public. Again, this is understandable. That being said, fans still have to understand the separation between the entertainer and the person when looking at athletes, particularly boxers. They are in a sport where they have to depend on promoters to get the word out about them and these promoters, for the most part, are taking their fair share of the Boxer’s purse. It was reported by the Mayweather camp that Manny Pacquiao received around $30 million dollars of the $80 million he made the night of the fight. This is where the genius of the Mayweather camp comes into play. Promoting his own fights not only ensures he receives the majority of the total purse, but he also takes home the lion’s share of his winnings. 

In sports, especially combat sports, it helps sell the product if you have a “good guy versus bad guy” scenario. Obviously, Mayweather adopted the role of a bad guy and financially he’s proven to be incredibly successful. No matter how much people complain about his fights being boring, millions of fans are still tuning into watch. He’s found a formula that has helped him become the highest paid athlete across ALL sports. In spite of all the criticism about Mayweather’s upcoming fight against Andre Berto, when these two step into the ring on Saturday night, people across the world will tune in to see if Mayweather can achieve that magical 49-0 record. 

At the end of the day, Mayweather is just doing what a boxer does in terms of playing the villain in a sport that almost requires you to be a little crazy. In fact, he’s created a masterful blueprint for other fighters to follow. Instead of hating him for his “Money” persona, we all should take a minute to ponder the following: are we watching Mayweather because we are fans of the sport of boxing or do we just want to see him lose? 


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By Dennis "Crazy Train" Dedrick

Ok people listen up, welcome to my first blog post! So, let's get one thing established early on: YES, I AM A HOMER! I’m a true die-hard Patriots fan going back to the days of Steve Grogan and I have a BIG problem with this drummed up travesty called “Deflate-gate”!  If the so called impartial Wells Report stated that “yes” Tom Brady did in fact alter the footballs, then yes he and the New England Patriots should be appropriately punished.  BUT… what does the report say???  It says “More probable than not”. “MORE PROBABLE THAN NOT”??? Can someone please tell me WTF does that mean?? Doesn’t sound anything remotely close to conclusive, yet all of the sports media outlets keep saying is “yes Tom did it! He is guilty, guilty. GUILTY!”  Hmmmm… so those individuals have more knowledge of the facts than the so called “impartial investigation”? I believe that is highly unlikely!

I have a major problem with the wording of the Wells Report. If players/teams can get suspended/penalized because they “more likely than not or more probable than not” did something wrong the league will be in a lot of trouble going forward!  This type of flawed rule enforcement will be giving Commissioner Goodell even more power and we’ve all seen how he has used, or should I say ABUSED, that power in the past.  He’s made some outstanding decisions in the past hasn’t he? (That’s sarcasm, folks.)  How many of those decisions have been overturned by an independent and impartial arbitrator? That says it all right there!  In fact, what did former Commissioner Tagliabue think of the way Commissioner Goodell handled the Bounty Gate scandal?  Would you be surprised that he overturned some of the punishment??? Of course you wouldn’t!!!!

So, Tom Brady is getting suspended because he wasn’t completely forthcoming with the investigators; he didn’t turn over his cell phone and emails to the NFL.  Well, would you???  Because as we’ve seen in the past there aren’t any leaks coming from the NFL front office, so none of Tom Brady’s contacts, pictures or phone numbers and other personal information that has nothing to do with deflated footballs couldn’t possibly be at risk of being leaked, right?

Now, let’s take a look back to the Ray Rice incident.  Didn’t a Law Enforcement spokesmen state that the video from inside the elevator was sent to the NFL front office?  So is it “more likely than not” that Commissioner Goodell knew and saw the video? See, how the NFL works is, an incident happens and they wait and see how the public/media reacts, and THEN they come up with the punishment for the alleged offense.  Funny how that works, right?

The information below is from an article by Brandon Campbell from  “The league has handed down dozens of suspensions in its history, but none for offenses like Brady’s. The NFL rulebook sets the punishment for altering footballs at a fine “including but not limited to” $25,000, leaving room for harsher penalties. Given Goodell’s statements during Super Bowl week, it’s more likely he’ll consider this a violation of league integrity and punish it accordingly.” 

Here is a link to the rest of the article:

Once again, I have a problem with the wording of this “so-called” impartial investigation.  I’m calling it a “so-called” impartial investigation because the NFL HIRED them to conduct the investigation.  You mean to tell me that the conglomerate known at the NFL, doesn’t have the personnel or the trust in its own office to conduct an impartial investigation?  So, if the Patriots had footed the bill for this “investigation”, which way would the results have leaned?  This report yielded the results desired by the NFL; it’s talking about Tom Brady and the Patriots, but there has been no light shed on the flawed manner in which the NFL Front Office arbitrarily determines and hands down punishment. With the NFL’s reasoning for this punishment, I feel sorry for the New Orleans Saints if they ever make a hard tackle in a game and injure a player. If that ever happens again, then they must have a bounty in place since they did it in the past.  If a team makes an accusation that it was done intentionally, look out! The Saints will be suspended and fined for sure. 

The NFL will be in trouble if this punishment stands for Tom Brady and the Patriots.  If The League thinks you did something wrong and you don’t kiss the NFL shield as you enter Commissioner Goodell’s office and do exactly as they say, then your punishment will be harsh.  They want transparency from all players and organizations, but how they conduct business is behind closed doors is muddled with smoke and mirrors.  You can’t make up the rules as you go and have public sentiment dictate how to react, but that is exactly what Goodell’s NFL is doing.

Yes, I’m a Patriots fan! But don’t fool yourself, if this ruling came down on your team, there is no way any of you would agree with the wording of the report or the NFL’s subsequent decision on the punishment. 

And to all of you who call Tom Brady a cheater you better feel the same way about a certain Hall of Famer WR who used stick-um even after it was banned.  You can’t have it both ways, people!

So…I’ll see you at the Super Bowl when the Patriots are playing for the title AGAIN!




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"Pre-fight Breakdown of the Biggest Fight of Our Generation!"

By Delano Burnett

So… at long last...we have the highly anticipated “Super Fight” that boxing purists and casual fans alike have been waiting almost six years to see. Tonight, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will step into the ring and we can finally end the debate on who would win a head to head matchup, who is the better fighter and ultimately, who is current the pound for pound King of the Sweet Science. 

I'm a Mayweather fan and I think he's arguably the best pure boxer ever, which is saying a lot when you compare him to some of the all-time greats. But, I have to admit, I’m nervous for Floyd in this fight.  Anyone who doesn't think this will be a great fight to watch hasn't observed Manny’s fighting style throughout his entire career.  He's always been an aggressive fighter that really doesn't care much about defense and wants to mix it up regardless of who he is fighting.  His style of boxing is going to force Floyd to throw more punches then he's used to throwing in a fight.  

So here are my keys to the fight:

The way I'm judging this fight is by comparing two fighters that both Mayweather and Pacquiao have previously faced and, stylistically speaking, offered a challenge similar to what Floyd and Manny will face in each other tonight.  In my opinion, the fighter most similar to Mayweather that Pac has fought is Juan Manuel Marquez and the fighter most similar to Pac that Mayweather has fought is Sugar Shane Mosley.  

Floyd can be a slow-starter and in the Mosley fight he paid for it the most. Sugar had great punching power and he almost knocked him out in those early rounds.

For Manny to win this fight he's going to have to take advantage of Floyd in the early rounds, which is something that he is great at doing.  

Skilled counter-punchers have always caused problems for Pacquiao, so it’s easy to see why Marquez gave him so much trouble during their four battles. In fact, the case can be made that Marquez won most of those fights. Manny’s known problems with counterpunching can play perfectly into Floyd’s strategy because, after all, what is Mayweather? He’s the best counter puncher of all time!  Plus, Mayweather is great at the art of "hit and don't get hit”; so the shots that Marquez usually takes in a fight, Mayweather typically doesn't.  I can see Money knocking out Pac in this fight because his aggressiveness could work to Mayweather's advantage.  

Because of that last fact I pointed out you would think this should be an easy win for Mayweather.  The thing that worries me about this fight is: what took Floyd so long to make it happen in the first place?  Now of course I know all about the long history between him and Bob Arum and I wouldn't want to negotiate anything with him either; but there's no way, if I'm Mayweather, I would've let this linger as long as it did.  If I'm a boxer, I want to fight the best out there no matter how it has to get done. This was always going to be a big money fight and I don’t think five years passing has made much of a difference.  Thankfully both of these boxers aren't washed up, so this should still be a good fight.  It makes me wonder though, could Mayweather have been scared of this fight?  With all the of talk about Pac being on steroids and knowing that he was beating his opponents up, could that have been a factor in Mayweather not really wanting this fight?  A lot of sports pundits have pointed this out and I would think that a boxer doesn't have that type of fear, but it does make you wonder why he didn't make this fight sooner.  

Back to the fight, so I'm thinking this is how it's going to play out.  If Pac wins this fight I think it will be by a knockout and the fight won't go past six rounds. He will have to jump on Floyd early and I think that will be his game plan.  If Mayweather wins this fight it can either be by an early knockout or it can go the distance. You know, for all of his accolades, the thing I don't think Floyd gets enough credit for is his chin. In that Mosely fight he could have easily been knocked out, but he withstood that early punishment and literally dominated the rest of the fight.  My prediction for this fight? Seven rounds to five with Money pulling out a close decision. I do think this will be an action packed fight that will set up a nice rematch in September for Mayweather’s swan song.  

Well, there you have it. My analysis of what should be an incredible mega-event.

So…in the words of Bart Scott: “CAN'T WAIT!!”