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Did the MLB Knowingly Profit From Baseball’s Biggest Shame?

By Dennis “Crazy Train, Dedrick

Let me kick this post off by saying I don’t condone and will never support the use of any performance enhancing drugs in any way, shape or form. So now that we understand each other, let me commence with my latest rant: Ready? You sure? Because it’s a bombshell! Ok, here goes: in my opinion Major League Baseball and its Commissioner Bud Selig KNEW PED’s were being used. That’s right. I say the league knew…the Commish knew… How could they not? And not only did they know, they condoned it long enough to make a profit off of it. Think that is far-fetched? Ok, take a look at the some of the advertising they used during that time.  Remember the commercial “Chicks dig the long ball”?  The one with pitchers Maddox and Glavine of the Atlanta Braves, who were crushing long homeruns during batting practice?  Hmmmm interesting how they would promote and advertise monster home runs to get fans excited and lure them to the park.  Do you remember the epic home run battle between McGuire and Sosa? It was all over every sports page and news outlet, and I’m sure Major League Baseball benefited from it, just a little.  Did attendance rating go up during this time in baseball, where you excited about it?  The Bash Brothers changed how people watched baseball, gone was the time of the hit and run or the bunt, everyone wanted to see the deep shot. For Pete’s sake (this is a little off topic, but I’ve always wondered, who the hell is Pete anyway?), how could so many players all of a sudden start crushing monster shots when the year before they couldn’t hit one with a wiffle ball? Let’s be clear, I am not trying to single out or embarrass anyone, but check out this example: In the 1995 season, Brady Anderson hit 16 homeruns and just one season later, in 1996, he crushed 50 homers, then the following year, he only hit 18. I’m not saying Brady Anderson used PEDs, but that’s an interesting fluctuation, don’t you think? Listen here baseball writers, how could you cover this beloved sport and turn a blind eye to blatant PED use? If you truly covered this sport, but never heard the rumors or had your own suspicions of use, did you really know the sport that you covered? Or if you did know, but didn’t do your job of exposing it, are you almost as guilty?

Here’s the thing: it happened, ok? Proven, suspected or otherwise, it happened. We all know it did. We can’t change or ignore that tragic era of baseball history and pretend it didn’t happen. The same way we can’t change the “Eight Men Out” Chicago White Sox cheating scandal of 1919.  But, we don’t need to put an asterisk by players’ names that are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame from the steroid era.  True fans know and love this game, so they know who’s who and what each player accomplished. To quote the Disney movie phenomenon, Frozen, “Let it Go”. Guys, let’s all just let it go and let the fans have a say.  It’s us the fans that make the sport what it is anyway, which is America’s pastime.