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By Dennis "Crazy Train" Dedrick

Ok people listen up, welcome to my first blog post! So, let's get one thing established early on: YES, I AM A HOMER! I’m a true die-hard Patriots fan going back to the days of Steve Grogan and I have a BIG problem with this drummed up travesty called “Deflate-gate”!  If the so called impartial Wells Report stated that “yes” Tom Brady did in fact alter the footballs, then yes he and the New England Patriots should be appropriately punished.  BUT… what does the report say???  It says “More probable than not”. “MORE PROBABLE THAN NOT”??? Can someone please tell me WTF does that mean?? Doesn’t sound anything remotely close to conclusive, yet all of the sports media outlets keep saying is “yes Tom did it! He is guilty, guilty. GUILTY!”  Hmmmm… so those individuals have more knowledge of the facts than the so called “impartial investigation”? I believe that is highly unlikely!

I have a major problem with the wording of the Wells Report. If players/teams can get suspended/penalized because they “more likely than not or more probable than not” did something wrong the league will be in a lot of trouble going forward!  This type of flawed rule enforcement will be giving Commissioner Goodell even more power and we’ve all seen how he has used, or should I say ABUSED, that power in the past.  He’s made some outstanding decisions in the past hasn’t he? (That’s sarcasm, folks.)  How many of those decisions have been overturned by an independent and impartial arbitrator? That says it all right there!  In fact, what did former Commissioner Tagliabue think of the way Commissioner Goodell handled the Bounty Gate scandal?  Would you be surprised that he overturned some of the punishment??? Of course you wouldn’t!!!!

So, Tom Brady is getting suspended because he wasn’t completely forthcoming with the investigators; he didn’t turn over his cell phone and emails to the NFL.  Well, would you???  Because as we’ve seen in the past there aren’t any leaks coming from the NFL front office, so none of Tom Brady’s contacts, pictures or phone numbers and other personal information that has nothing to do with deflated footballs couldn’t possibly be at risk of being leaked, right?

Now, let’s take a look back to the Ray Rice incident.  Didn’t a Law Enforcement spokesmen state that the video from inside the elevator was sent to the NFL front office?  So is it “more likely than not” that Commissioner Goodell knew and saw the video? See, how the NFL works is, an incident happens and they wait and see how the public/media reacts, and THEN they come up with the punishment for the alleged offense.  Funny how that works, right?

The information below is from an article by Brandon Campbell from  “The league has handed down dozens of suspensions in its history, but none for offenses like Brady’s. The NFL rulebook sets the punishment for altering footballs at a fine “including but not limited to” $25,000, leaving room for harsher penalties. Given Goodell’s statements during Super Bowl week, it’s more likely he’ll consider this a violation of league integrity and punish it accordingly.” 

Here is a link to the rest of the article:

Once again, I have a problem with the wording of this “so-called” impartial investigation.  I’m calling it a “so-called” impartial investigation because the NFL HIRED them to conduct the investigation.  You mean to tell me that the conglomerate known at the NFL, doesn’t have the personnel or the trust in its own office to conduct an impartial investigation?  So, if the Patriots had footed the bill for this “investigation”, which way would the results have leaned?  This report yielded the results desired by the NFL; it’s talking about Tom Brady and the Patriots, but there has been no light shed on the flawed manner in which the NFL Front Office arbitrarily determines and hands down punishment. With the NFL’s reasoning for this punishment, I feel sorry for the New Orleans Saints if they ever make a hard tackle in a game and injure a player. If that ever happens again, then they must have a bounty in place since they did it in the past.  If a team makes an accusation that it was done intentionally, look out! The Saints will be suspended and fined for sure. 

The NFL will be in trouble if this punishment stands for Tom Brady and the Patriots.  If The League thinks you did something wrong and you don’t kiss the NFL shield as you enter Commissioner Goodell’s office and do exactly as they say, then your punishment will be harsh.  They want transparency from all players and organizations, but how they conduct business is behind closed doors is muddled with smoke and mirrors.  You can’t make up the rules as you go and have public sentiment dictate how to react, but that is exactly what Goodell’s NFL is doing.

Yes, I’m a Patriots fan! But don’t fool yourself, if this ruling came down on your team, there is no way any of you would agree with the wording of the report or the NFL’s subsequent decision on the punishment. 

And to all of you who call Tom Brady a cheater you better feel the same way about a certain Hall of Famer WR who used stick-um even after it was banned.  You can’t have it both ways, people!

So…I’ll see you at the Super Bowl when the Patriots are playing for the title AGAIN!