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What Does Brady’s Suspension Getting Upheld Mean for the Rest of the NFL?

Goodell’s short-sighted thinking will lead to long-term consequences for the entire league!

By Dennis “Crazy Train” Dedrick




Attention all fans of the NFL! NEWSFLASH! NEWSFLASH! This just in: If you’re not a Pat’s fan…………………then you are doing it all wrong…wrong, wrong, wrong! You are as wrong as wrong can be with no hope of ever being right in this world! Ok, so maybe I went too far (I was told I needed to say that even though I don’t agree with it).  So there I said it. Well how about this then: if you are not a Pat’s fan, then you’re a HATER! (I borrowed that one from my two co-hosts, Ty and Delano. It’s their favorite word right after “disrespected”.)  

I know that many of you are hoping beyond all hope that the suspension of Tom “The Great” Brady gets upheld and he’s suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. But hey, have any of you thought about the ramifications??? About how his travesty of justice will affect YOUR team and the rest of the league?  Probably not, so how about we look at this through the eyes of the team I personally hope loses all 16 games this season… the Baltimore Ravens. 

How’s the off-season going for Terrell Suggs, besides the arrest?  Wait, was that dig in poor taste? Did I deliver it too soon?  Oh well, too bad…LOL. “HA-HA,” I say! If Brady’s suspension is upheld then Commissioner Roger Goodell will have the power to suspend any player for any reason for as many games as he wants.  Oh yeah, I here you out there screaming, “Wait, there is an appeal process!!” Yup, there sure the hell is and Goodell can hear that appeal and rule as he sees fit.   Sound familiar does it?  So if Suggs gets suspended 8 games, please don’t get upset and yell “Goodell over-stepped his authority”.  Why is that you say? Because I’ll laugh and say “serves you right, schmucks for siding with the Commish”.   


So, please look deep inside your pitiless souls and figure out why you think Brady should be suspended.  And please don’t just read the headlines and say “they cheated”. Don’t do yourself the injustice of regurgitating that over-used, played-out nonsense. If you don’t know the facts, then do us all a favor and “BE QUIET!”   

And of course, I have to ask this question: hey Green Bay fans why wasn’t Rodgers investigated for overinflating the football? (uh-huh…see…it’s really quiet now…lots and lots of crickets)  Yep, that’s what I thought you’d say.  

So, here’s the moral of this story: be careful what you wish for because it might just come back and bit you square in the a$$!!

That's all for now...So until the next time I feel like ranting...Stay Frosty (that goes for you and your Pilsner glasses!!)

- "Crazy Train out"