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“And…here…we…go…” - Heath Ledger as The Joker in “The Dark Knight”

Let all sanity, reason, and discipline be abandoned and shunned…time to embrace the lunacy…Let fresh sneakers be laced and let team colors adorn both the players and the faithful followers alike…Let the crowd sway to the rhythm of the bouncing round-ball…Let the pundits debate and cast their theories and educated guesses…Let some jump for joy and while others crumble, crash and burn in defeat…right here…right now…let us all Twist and Shout…because once again it’s that time of the year. The best of the best times…long awaited…highly demanded…that time when insanity reigns supreme…when maniacs and fanatics gather by the thousands…when fight songs and cheers drown out all other noise… YES SIR… March Madness has officially begun!

Handpicked by committee, the nation’s best college basketball programs have descended on a few designated war zones around the country to do battle and to wreak havoc on my entire life. Long nights will be spent glued to a television…ANY television…changing channels to where ever the Madness leads me…”normal, peaceful life” will be traded in for yelling, looks of disgust, high fives and balled up, busted up brackets…

Davids and Goliaths will wage wars that will be remembered for years to come…Giants will stomp and Cinderellas will dance…Hearts will be broken and the tears…oh yes, those tears, both of sadness and joy, will be shed by the baker’s dozen…And at the end of it all, when the dust settles, after the nets have been cut and the sheen has been scuffed off of the hardwood floors by the soles of squeaky sneakers, a lone winner will be crowned King…left to stand atop the pinnacle of college basketball. Magical and without peer…This is my springtime drug of choice. Highly addictive and potent, but oh so short lived…best to be savored in its entirety and all at once… any fear of overdose be damned…It’s all about the Madness, baby!

To paraphrase King Leonidas from the cult classic “300”…”THIS…IS…MARCH MADNESS!!”

Hail to the players and coaches who with all of their heart and grit have made every bit of this possible…We all, as fans, standby with hungry eyes in eager anticipation…willing witnesses to the glorious show to come…You gotta love basketball…And you gotta love this time of the year… The calm before the storm has finally passed… Now let’s dance the Big Dance…