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A Different Breed of Superstar

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A Different Breed of Superstar

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“It’s a rare and special treat to come across a superstar who only cares about winning…”

By Tyrone M. Eddins Jr.

Each year, I like to do a preview of the upcoming NBA free-agency period. However, instead of focusing on all of the possible moves and available names, I usually only focus on the biggest name available. This year’s big domino? Well, that would be none other than the 2018-2019 NBA Finals MVP and NBA Champion, Mr. Kawhi Leonard. So here’s my take on this year’s big NBA Free Agent Move. Enjoy!

- - - -

Kawhi Leonard doesn't care about social media likes. He doesn't care about breaking records and how many fans he has. He also doesn't care what you think if him or if you like him. In fact, when it comes to basketball, Kawhi Leonard doesn't care about much except winning.

In today's age of social media overindulgence, where the biggest stars jockey for validation and seem to thrive on how many likes they can garner. Kawhi is bucking the norm. He is all business, all the time. Even his laugh, which has gone viral and has become a meme favorite, sounds more business-like than an expression of pleasure.


Kawhi is the basketball superstar a mad scientist would create in his lab. Freakishly athletic. Monstrously strong. Absent of feeling or empathy. Unflappable under pressure. Relentless in his pursuit of winning. Drama-free. Impervious to trash talk. Obsessive about his craft. Humble and even allergic to the spotlight, but never afraid of the big shot. He is a fully-loaded, state-of-the-art, cold-blooded killer.

Call him the dynasty killer. The dream destroyer. The end of the road for championship teams that he doesn’t anchor. In 2014, he ended LeBron's Heat's dynasty and he just put an end to the Warrior's three-peat bid in similar cold-blooded fashion. Sure, the Warriors suffered devastating injuries, but that should never diminish what Kawhi and the Raptors accomplished in winning the franchise’s first title. They skipped the talk and instead, just walked the walk.

Kawhi's Leonard comes off as very private and aloof, so unless you are part of his inner circle, you probably have no hope of truly knowing him. But, even as a man of few words, he makes you want to root for him. Just ask the city of Toronto, who swooned at the few words Kawhi offered during Toronto’s championship parade and now seems ready to make him their next Mayor or at least the long-term face of their franchise. Simply put, Kawhi is a winner. No muss, no fuss, just win, win, win no matter what. And when it comes to sports, what else can you ask for? What can be better than that? No need to answer, I’ll answer for you. That’s right. Not a damn thing is better than that.


As we enter the NBA offseason, all of the questions about Kawhi’s health and heart have definitely been answered. Now the only question that remains is what’s next for the league’s most unassuming superstar. Will The Claw take his talents south to the City of Angels to play for the Clippers or for LeBron’s Lakers? Or will Kawhi stay in Toronto and continue to stake his claim as the King in the North? Wherever he chooses to sign, that team will become an instant contender, as evidenced by Toronto winning the championship in Kawhi’s first year.

Personally, I think Kawhi stays in Toronto. Maybe he stays on the a short term “one and one” deal so can opt out in the 2nd year. Maybe he goes long and signs a five-year big money deal. Either way, I think he stays put north of the border and runs it back for a chance at a repeat. Either way, whatever he chooses to do will cause ripples and waves that will be felt throughout the entire NBA. One thing I know for is that we’ll have answers very, very soon. Until then and as always, we, the NBA faithful standby, waiting and watching.