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Photo credit: Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports 

Photo credit: Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports 


“You Can Keep the Razzle-Dazzle, the Ickey Shuffle, and That Corny ass Who Dey Chant!”

By Michael A. Lambert


A winning franchise must have someone at the helm that knows and understand the complexities of football, they must command authority, be smart with a dash of cleverness, toulgh, and be respected; the head coach position also requires compassion and empathy. Marvin Lewis checks the box on a few, but he’s assistant coach material at best. I won’t go into the “he’s had his chance argument” simply because, in today’s NFL, a fifteen year career is a three team stint for most “good” head coaches. Marvin Lewis’s NFL resume simply doesn’t support a fifteen-year stay with a “new” two-year extension. Thisownership cares more about the letter B than the actual team. Our team emblem is a damn B. Again; guess who is the ONLY team in the league that the team emblem represents the ownership and not the team? If you guessed the Cincinnati Bengals you’re right! We are the Bengals;our mascot is a beautiful yet ferocious Tiger and all we can come up with after years of technological advancements and digital enhancements are an orange letter B with three black stripes? Are you trying to tell me that a striped B represents the Bengals or Cincinnati the city? Yeah right…What team emblems in the NFL represent the city and not the mascot? Check it out…New York Giants, NY, Green Bay Packers, G, Chicago Bears, C, Kansas City Chiefs, KC, and oh, how could I forget…The San Francisco Forty Niners, SF. All these team emblems have the letters of the respective cities they represent, not the team mascot. Ok, that’s cool, but leave it to the Bengals to screw that up. We don’t have a C, we have a B, and that’s suppose to represent the Cincinnati Bengals…NOT…that’s homage to the Brown family, the legacy THEY feel is larger than the franchise itself. And the foolishness continues…

The Coaches; they haven’t all been bad, but we’ve had adud or three for sure. I’m not even going to go there, so, to alleviate additional pain I’ll just move on to our last fifteen years of losing, Marvin Lewis is killing us. He has done all he can and he can do nothing more. I used to cut him a littleslack, but I watched him and I knew he wasn’t going to take us nowhere. So, as I witnessed a continuum of losing I have made a platform of calling for his head every chance I get. He’s like that substitute teacher that can hold the class for a few days, but once the class realizes the REAL teacher will be out awhile, lookout! He’s lost control of this team’s mental toughness, mental preparedness, battlefield trustworthiness, followership and the respect of referees. This is reflective of the front offices poor decision-making, and their inability to recognize futility. What that tells me is it’s time for change. We are in desperate need of administrative change as well as coaches. We specifically need a new General Manager. Losing should dictate these types of decisions, but watch, they’ll just move a few coaches, add a few new players, make us think they’re really committed this time and then the season starts, and you once again realize you’ve taken the bait, you’ve drank the Kool-Aid and now you’re starting to feel woozy. They got you again! You loyal, dedicated, stupid Bengals Fan.      

Draft picks; ok where do you want to start? Our scouting team has the fewest members in the league (you didn’t know that did you?). Let’s take a brief but historic look at a few of our picks: Ki-Jana Carter, Akili Smith, Peter Warrick, Andre Smith, Keith Rivers, Carson Palmer, we took Big Bad John Ross last year and he made a major contribution by running ONE reverse and fumbling it. He didn’t catch a pass the entire season. Oh, and all these fine athletes were top ten picks. In defense of some of Bengals finest, we’ve had bright spots too; Ken Riley, Anthony Munoz, Mike Reid, Isaac Curtis, A.J. Green, Andy Dal…..ok, I had to make sure you’re still with me, but you get it. All NFL teams could conduct this drill and identify a bust or two, but what happens, and it happens consistentlyin Cincinnati is WE LOSE!!!! AND WE LOSE IN GAMES WE ARE TESTED, AND GAMES PLAYED AT PRIME TIME AND GAMES WE SHOULD WIN! You can keep the Razzle-Dazzle, the Ickey Shuffle, and that corny ass Who Dey chant…we want to win, and we want to win NOW!