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Photo courtesy of Image credit: Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Photo courtesy of Image credit: Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports


“Yes, I am a Bengals Fan...I WANT TO WIN!”

By Michael A. Lambert


Good teams compete, good teams have heart, good teams are prepared, good teams fill their home stadium. Good teams WIN and good teams have great Fans. The Fan is what it’s all about, because if you take the Fan away, you have nothing. No League, no stadiums, no revenue, no jersey sales, no TV contracts, and no fun. And that’s where we are now…no damn fun. Show me a Bengals Fan that’s had fun the last thirty years. You can’t! That’s why we are so affectionately called the Bungles…Honestly, I hate that name…hate it...we’re already bad so now you gonna call me names and beat me while talking mess to me during the whipping…the Bungles…I hate that name.

We don’t get any respect throughout the league, we don’t get the critical call, we get penalties and holding calls more than any team in the league at the most critical time. What we feel is hopelessness and despair. We can be up 20 points at the half and know we’re in trouble. We can be up 30-21 with 4 minutes and lose. I know, it happens, it’s why we play the games, but all the time. I mean, we never pull out the big one, we never drive the field, come from behind and win…never?  Do you know what it feels like to be the laughing stock all the time? A Bengals Fan does. Do you know what it feels like to be unsure, doubting, skeptical, and uncertain EVERY Sunday? A Bengals Fan does…but I’ll tell you what…A Bengals Fan is me, someone who is going to ride or die for the city no matter what. Someone that’s going to root EVERY week for a team knowing they may and probably will lose. Someone that goes harder than the players and the coaches EVERYTIME it’s time for combat. Someone that will wear the colors after a nationally televised ass-whoopin', but I’m tired, man I’m tired.

I hope someone reads this and it goes viral. Somebody has to feel me, someone in Bengaldom has to have the same passion and fire as I. We want to win, not every week…we know you can’t win them all, but at least put together a product, an organization, a brand, a winning culture that a Bengals Fan can hold onto to and support with pride. Man, I can’t believe we signed Marvin Lewis to two more years. I know I’ve suffered enough and the fan base is lining up to turn in season tickets as I write. Really? is this the thanks we get? The future doesn’t look bright, and we’re witnessing the uprising of new teams and talent. Last year was no fluke; Jacksonville is for real, the LA Rams are on to something, the Vikings? Yeah, they look primed and ready. Would I be willing to write all of this if we had a Super Bowl ring or two in our possession? Probably not, but if we had won twoSuper Bowls and then followed those championships by 15 years of this mess, I would undoubtingly have to say YES. I’m a Bengals Fan…I want to WIN!